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If you ask Jeff Carreira what he’s most excited about he will reply without hesitation—“finding new and powerful ways to catalyze and facilitate human development.” Master teacher, philosopher, writer, lecturer, evolutionary pioneer—are just a few descriptors that come to mind when describing Carreira and his extensive career that has been steeped in the study and practice of Eastern Enlightenment and Evolutionary Spirituality and further shaped by his working partnership with Patricia Albere in the Evolutionary Collective.

After years of dedicated seeking Carreira’s spiritual search came to an end when he met spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and embraced the perspective of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Carreira then immersed himself in a penetrating study of the American philosophical roots of enlightenment and spirituality to uncover how they have helped shape the form and practice of evolutionary spirituality today.

“Philosophy is not a luxury,” Carreira states, “because deep philosophical inquiry is critical if we want to understand who we are as human beings in the 21st Century.” His own ongoing philosophical investigations are chronicled in a blog called Philosophy is not a Luxury and he has lectured at such prestigious institutes of higher education as Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, Bennington College, Oglethorpe University and the University of Western Australia.


Before embracing spiritual life Carreira received his undergraduate degree in physics and worked as a research engineer designing, building and testing electro-optical laser devices. After five years he realized that life’s deepest questions could not be answered through science alone, and decided to move into a more humanitarian field. He received an M.E.D. and became a special needs teacher and the director of a school for adjudicated youth.

It was during this time that a chance meeting with Andrew Cohen would change the course of his life. “Over the course of the next twenty years, Carreira’s life rapidly altered as he joined a small group of highly committed individuals who engaged in extensive spiritual practice. Years of unbroken spiritual work in a highly concentrated environment lead to many profound experiences of realization.

“Two experiences in particular have most shaped my understanding of reality.” Carreira shares, “The first was a series of awakenings that occurred during a two-month long silent meditation retreat in the summer of 2001. During this time I was free to engage in nonstop spiritual practice for 60 days and I experienced explosive energetic awakenings, periods of constant consciousness, and prolonged times of deep abidance in the awareness of pure consciousness. The most significant realizations of that retreat, however, occurred in formal dialogs between all of the retreat participants which resulted in experiences of profound shared awakenings to higher mind.”

The second transformative experience that shaped Carreira’s character and work occurred during a 2005 retreat in India. It was here that he experienced a deep recognition of the “process perspective”. From this perspective, he experienced directly that what appears to be our individual existence and our personal development is, in truth, an inseparable part of a singular process of cosmic evolution.

These experiences led Carreira to become a prominent teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment,  and to act as the Director of Education for EnlightenNext from 2006 to 1012. In that role he created spiritual education programs that catalyzed transformation in thousands of people throughout the world. In addition he has trained over 100 other teachers.

In 2010 Carreira was invited by Patricia Albere to join her as a co-leader of The Evolutionary Collective which she had founded some years before. This association has added yet another profound dimension to an already spiritually overflowing life. As a teaching team Carreira and Albere work tirelessly to support the ongoing growth and development of a community of people who are committed to living on their evolutionary edge. Carreira and Albere have quickly gained a global reputation as a powerful and sensitive teaching team whose work demonstrates an extraordinary degree of authenticity and sincerity. Their mutual passion for collective development is creating an ongoing opportunity for people to explore and realize their highest potentials in a mutually supportive and truly co-creative environment.

One thought on “About Jeff

  1. Jeff,
    See you in Toronto on the 27.
    just been working on words to better describe our experience of enlightened communication.
    We have been having amazing sessions at our meetups with Mike and Nandita.
    We know how to open up and leave our ego at the door.
    I guess what jams it sometimes is the individuals that don’t seem to get it.
    So in the spirit of making it clear to the uninitiated I was hoping to come up with some more clarity in setting up the conditions within the group for enlightened communication..
    I’m trying to come up with a way of saying it clearly and simply using small easy to understand words.
    “Together we create an atmosphere of discovery.”
    Awakening to the process for creating an atmosphere for emergence to occur would be a long way of saying it.

    Another word thing is the term…. “emergencesphere”.
    In the geosphere biosphere noosphere sphere of thought.
    Just seems everywhere I look these days every discipline I dig into has emergence at the core.
    The latest buzz word if you will.

    That’s because emergence is at the core. The core of becoming.
    Then could we say that becoming is the “emergencesphere”.

    Figuring enlghtened communication is the most important arena to see the phenomena at work.

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